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Power Rejuvenation Meditation

Wellness is a path and a lifestyle, and this recording is designed to help you stay on that path. It features a joyful journey of the imagination into an inner landscape of beauty. It allows you to escape, even if for just a moment into a place of comfort and rest. (12:46 minutes).

With this audio recording, you can turn a bad day into a great day.
By listening to Power Rejuvenation you:
·         Enjoy a calm, balanced mind
·         Increase your concentration and efficiency
·         Improve your attitude and your outlook
·         Have more energy and confidence
·         Experience a true sense of well being
Trade lethargy for energy. Transform negativity and disappointment into optimism and solutions.
This recording becomes your secret weapon to make every moment count and every day enjoyable.
Make time during your lunch hour, after work, or before your day starts to infuse yourself with the peace, confidence and energy your life requires.
After only few short minutes, you feel centered, calm and relaxed. Over time, you easily maintain a positive outlook and a sense of harmony.
Power Rejuvenation helps you feel refreshed and rested; it’s as easy as listening to your favorite music.
Get comfortable and enjoy the sound of well being.
Recording is 12:46 minutes long.
Best for anyone who needs to feel more grounded and relaxed to cope with a whirlwind of conflicts, desires and responsibilities.

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